Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Journey As A Creative Designer - Woodworking and Beyond #1840: The "Maiden Voyage" Completed!

After what seemed like a long, long time, I have finally completed the first (and largest and most complex) piece from Lynne Andrews’ Inspirational Ark series! I can’t express the wonderful sense of accomplishment that I feel right now. It isn’t that the piece was particularly difficult or complex, but it has been painted at a time when I have been incredibly busy (ironically – from cutting ARKS for this series) and my part of our business was somewhat being re-shaped and turning in a new direction. Needless to say, I am very excited. 

The piece itself is incredible:

Lynne Andrews’ attention to details always amazes me. With the entire Ark measuring about 9" wide and 8" tall, she fit the cluster of ‘passengers’ onto the piece with beautiful artistry.

The colors are also amazing, and when one thinks of a palette of Prim or country colors, we don’t expect to see the beautiful, vibrant tones. It surprises me each time I paint her designs. 

Noah himself is cute and comical. 

“My” Noah came out looking like a mix between Christopher Lloyd and Santa. He has a slightly worried expression on his face which I can possible attribute to the amount of stress he is feeling in wondering if he “forgot” any of his passengers. (Unicorn, Noah. Unicorn!) 

Each of the places on the Ark holds something new to look at. The little turtle on the left:

… and the snake on the right . . .

a>)  The group is not only for painters but for others who want to cheer us on. It is fun and amazing to see all the different 'versions’ of the pieces. 

The entire set is quite impressive:

There is a smaller Ark 'ornament’ for each month (plus a bonus piece – the reindeer) and I even developed a little dowel tree to display the Arks, if one wants to do it that way.

Lynne has created a design for the topper and a 'wave’ fence for the bottom of the tree:

It makes for a nice presentation. 

I re-worked the tree design though since the above photo was taken to be a bit more stable:

ter today. I know I mentioned that it would be sent yesterday, but we had a slight change of plans and decided to wait one more day. It will have a special discount coupon code in it that is good site-wide, so be sure to sign up on our Mailing List if you plan on visiting us. (Those of you who are in Amy Mogish’s Halloween Club – Hang on to your one-time discount and use this for now – only one coupon can be applied at a time!) 

Keep watch for your copy and code later today. 

Well, that should do it for today. I hope you enjoy seeing my piece finished. I don’t know why, but it feels fabulous to have this one in the books. I have had so little time to paint for my own personal pleasure that it seems like a huge accomplishment. I know most of you understand. 

Happy Tuesday to you all!

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