Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Journey As A Scroll Saw Pattern Designer #1644: New Scrolling Patterns

My goodness the mornings go fast! It is hard to believe that I have already been up a couple of hours. I love my mornings, as many of you already know, because it seems that I am able to accomplish so much in those first few quiet hours of the day. 

Yesterday was a really productive day. It was one of those (rare) times when everything went ‘as it should’ and I was able to tick off just about everything that I had on my list – and then some. I filled orders, did errands, helped customers and I even assembled and photographed my new trinket box projects. At the end of the day I was even able to sit back for an hour and relax before going to bed. It doesn’t happen often, but I will take it. 

Today I am going to be finishing up writing the instructions for the three new projects that I have created and I will also write and send out the newsletter to our customers announcing our site update. If you don’t get our newsletter, you can join our Mailing List (click the link). It is a great way to catch up on all of our new things that you may have missed. As always, we never share your information with anyone or SPAM you. 

I’ll be quick today and show you the three new pattern sets that I am just finishing up. I really like how they came out and I think they will be pretty popular. (I hope so, anyway)

I decided to make some more smaller trinket boxes (about 6" in diameter or so) with matching ornaments that will fit into the box. Each pattern will have two versions of the ornaments – one with the date and one without. This way those of you who like to add the dates on your gifts or keepsakes will be able to do so nicely. I am including all the numbers in the pattern so that the date can be changed from year to year. The boxes are a nice size for giving candy, gift cards or just about anything small. They are really easy to make and can be done in varying wood species and thicknesses so you can use up those smaller pieces of wood that you have laying around your shop.

For now, I created three new designs that will all be sold separately:

A tree (SLD516 Overlay Layered Christmas Box - Tree) (The link will work a little later when the product is available)

A Poinsettia (SLD517 Layered Christmas Box - Poinsettia

… and a Bell (SLD518 Christmas Overlay Layered Box - Bell)

I am also going to be offering them at a special set price for all three, so if you are thinking of getting all of them, wait until your newsletter arrives to get the link for them. 

I also wanted to show Keith’s new pattern today as well:

This beautiful plaque is SLDK621 - Self-Framing “Cozy Winter Nights”.  It is a great addition to his series of these types of plaques and will be wonderful both during the holiday season as well as after all the holiday decorations are put away. I always feel that time of year is so bleak after the holiday season is over, so I love decorating during those cold winter months. 

I have some 'surprises’ for my painting followers as well, but you will have to come back tomorrow for that. I try to do a little something for everyone for each update, and I think you will find you will like this little perk that I will have. 

Well, that is all for today. Watch for your newsletter later on if you subscribe and also watch for my patterns to be added to the site. I think I will have Keith put 'pre-order’ pages on the site so you can get your order in to be emailed out later today or mailed out tomorrow. No one seems to mind that. 

It is pouring out right now and very windy. But I am warm and cozy here with the kitties snuggled up with me. It is a perfect day to stay in and write. 

I hope you have a great day as well. Happy Thursday to you! 

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