Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dark Chocolate and Sponge Cake (10)

The milling machine brake now fixed, my break is over and I can get on with a few tasks which have been stacking up. Next in the series of items are the middle pair of rails in the side panel lattice assemblies.

Here, I’m using the mill to cut a stopped groove on the back of the lower middle rail:

A while afterwards all four middle rails are (mostly) complete:

These are done save for the mortises for the floating tenons on the lattices themselves, the fitting of which is a step also waiting to be completed.

Another view:

The lower rails have tall inner faces because they serve as side running surfaces for the lower runners on the drawers.

All the rails have a mitered lip at the exposed front faces:

With the mill back up and running, I could also resume work on the floating tenons installation on the lattice assemblies. I used the mill to accurately make up a fixture which allows for precise spacing and fixturing of the floating tenons:

Here, I’m checking everything looks right, and I didn’t make a mathematical error with the jig notching, relative to the connection points on the end of the lattice, sandwiched as it is at present in another fixture:

The positioning jig is then trimmed on the table saw, and end stops are fitted to a look-see can be done with some of the floating tenons:

A drift is used to set the tenons all the way down in their mortises:

Glued up, and one step closer:

There remains a second step to complete the floating tenons on this side, which will be tackled next time.

All for this round - thanks for your visit!

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