Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Journey As A Scroll Saw Pattern Designer #1686: Color My World

I am going to just do a short post today. It has already been quite a busy day and I need to stay ahead of things. 

Yesterday was busy and productive. Among other things, I was able to do a lot of the ground work for my next project. (The one I am creating for Toletown, that I mentioned yesterday.)  This project is taking some thought and experimentation, because I am trying a technique that I haven’t really seen done before. That doesn’t mean it is difficult or that it hasn’t been done, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information ‘out there’ and I have in my head what I want things to look like. Getting from the “idea” to “reality” isn’t always a straight path I found. But the journey is part of the fun. 

The project isn’t a difficult one. In fact it is quite easy. Once I figure out exactly how to go about the process, that is. But finding the simplest and best way to accomplish something is something that sometimes takes a bit of thought and experimentation. It also usually takes a couple of failures. 

I think this applies to many things. 

When I cook, I say it usually takes me a minimum of three times of making something before it comes out 'perfect’. The first time I try to follow the recipe as closely as I can. The second time, I adjust the flavors and seasonings to tune them more to my liking. The third time, I further adjust things and 'fine tune’ everything and I am finally really pleased with what I made. I don’t think creating a project using a specific technique is much different.

Like cooking, art is not an absolute science. I know that some will disagree, but I don’t think it is completely necessary to follow things exactly to the letter to have good results. (CONSISTENT results – perhaps – but especially in art, I think that the variances between what one artist creates and what another does is part of what makes it so wonderful.) 

But when working with a new process altogether one needs to use both 'instincts’ as well as knowledge of products to get the best results. That usually takes a few tries. It did with me, anyway. 

My vision for the project was to use RocLon fabric as a base and have it as the background, but a large part of the design. I wanted the colors to be bold, yet fluid – somewhat like watercolors. But since RocLon has a rubberized core, it would act differently that traditional fabric. So I knew I had to 'play’. 

And 'play’ I did!

I spent the afternoon making many (many) swatches and trying many different techniques and products, adjusting this and changing that and after several different tries with less-than-optimal results, I finally figured it out. I was truly happy with the result and the process was … well … 'easy’! 

Below are two of the swatches that I felt portrayed what I had in mind:

The goal of intense, yet washy and pretty springlike colors was reached. These are only a couple of samples of what I intend to use though. I plan to do more shades and combinations as well for the actual project. 

But I had other work to do on the computer and I had enough 'mess’ for the day. I cleaned my area and thought I would start fresh again today with this part of the project. Only this time I had the technique under my belt and I could move with confidence that things would 'work’.  I will make several more sample sheets today and then choose some of them for the actual project. The project itself will be quite quick and simple, and I think will be fun to do as well. I am going to be making a video of me doing this process to reach this point for the online class, and I think that will show how easy it is to achieve. 

So all in all, it was a great day. Today will be another productive and fun day, I am sure. As I looked up before I began writing my blog, I saw the sun rising in our sky. It was breath taking! 

Although it only lasted a few minutes like that, I took it as an oman. A day that begins with such beautiful colors is bound to be filled with beautiful colors as well. Doesn’t that make sense?  

I can’t wait to get back to my project! 

I wish you all a wonderfully beautiful and colorful day!  Happy Tuesday to you! 

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