Friday, January 29, 2016

My Journey As A Scroll Saw Pattern Designer #1688: Deadlines

It seems that I am always working on some sort of  'deadline’.  I know that people think of those who are self-employed as being free to do whatever they choose whenever they wish to do it. While we may find that our schedules are a bit flexible at times, I honestly believe that if we follow the ‘take-the-day-to-go-to-the-beach’ mentality that so many perceive us to have too often, it is with near certainty that our business will fail. 

The entrepreneurs that I have known (those that have achieved any level of success, that is) work harder than anyone else that I have encountered. They know that businesses don’t grow themselves and that it is only through hard work and not luck or good fortune that they are able to survive and thrive. The difference between them and someone who works a 40+ hour week for someone else is that the self-empolyed person usually has a love and passion for what they are doing, so the number of hours per week that they spend on 'work’ is inconsequential to them. In fact, most of them probably wouldn’t even begin to name how many hours they work on their business. I suspect it is pretty close to the number of hours that they are awake. 

These past few weeks have been amazing for me. It seems that our little business has turned yet another corner and we are beginning a new chapter in our story. It isn’t that we are changing anything, but we are seeing the demographics of our business change right before our very eyes, and we are doing our best to change with it and keep up. Of course, there are some small hiccups along the way (growth pains, if you will!) but that is expected and so far we have been doing pretty well with adjusting to things. I hope it continues. 

While I have been a bit tired, it is a good type of tired. It is the kind of feeling you have after a great workout in the gym. At the close of each day I look at what I accomplished and even though my list of goals for the day may not be complete, it is hard to look down on myself because the list of things that were accomplished is much longer. Yet still I try to do better. :) 

I am going to keep this post short today because I have some deadlines looming. It seems that as our little business continues to grow, I truly have to re-assess the things to spend time on.  I am afraid that for now I may not have the luxury of sitting here and writing at my leisure each morning (as many of my longer and contemplative blogs can take quite a bit of time for me to complete.) That doesn’t mean that I will not be here and not be keeping you up to date with all the new and exciting things that are waiting to be created, but I do have to check myself and keep things shorter, as there are only 24 hours in the day and I wish I didn’t have to spend any of them sleeping! I just have to spend the time concentrating on the deadlines and commitments before me. I know you will all understand. 

It is part of the painting design I am creating for Toletown that I showed earlier this week. It will go with those beautiful, intense colored swatches that I created. I hope to finish it up in the next day or so, and I will also be adding in a video with the techniques for creating those pretty background pieces that I showed. It will be fun and certainly fill up my weekend. (Among other things!) 

I hope you are all a little patient with me with answering emails and stuff. I am really trying my best to keep up with everything, and move forward with creating as well. All in all it will be a busy and beautiful weekend for me. I hope you have a great one as well. 

Happy Friday to you all! I hope you spend your weekend making beautiful things and fulfilling your own creativity! 

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