Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Ming-Inspired Cabinet (22)

Post 22 in a continuing series…


Nice to have had a few days off over the past week. Winter has finally arrived with a 5~7 cm snowfall yesterday.

Working still on the miter joints for the support stand’s cornice assembly. After an initial trying up of the joint, I could initially feel some slight surface discrepancies which needed a little attention:

This is the miter after first fitting -essentially as it came off of the table saw:

Not too far off, but not what you’d call a good fit yet.

I made up a simple angled paring jig so I could give the miters some attention with a chisel:

Slicing and dicing:

Well, maybe not so much in the way of dicing actually.

The Kiyohisa spear-tip paring tool is a pleasure:

Working from corner to corner to trim and adjust the miters, followed by the fitting of the mortise and tenon connections for the intermediate pieces:

A little more clean up of the faces yet:

 After that process, the frame connections were 95% there. Here’s one:



And four:

One final bit of attention on those mitered connections and they should be good to go.

A look now at the angled mortise for the wedging key, shachi-sen:

Another one:

Frame assembly number 2 makes it to the same point, completion-wise:

A look at the miters - one:



And four:

The next step with these assemblies will be fitting them to the already-fabricated assemblies of inverted-T beams and pillow block corners.

In other news, the bronze foot castings have made it back to my shop:

The black one on the left is the wooden pattern, still in excellent shape.

The cast pieces appear to be true to form - the foundry out near Boston provided a good service:

These pieces will be receiving further work on the milling machine in coming days. I’m still mulling over the best way to proceed with the sequence of milling cuts, and what cutter I will use, and how I will fixture the pieces.

All for today -  thanks for your visit to the Carpentry Way and all the best to you in 2016! I’m looking forward to a lot of exciting new developments this coming year, and am thinking it likely that 2016 will be a watershed year on both carpentry and personal fronts.

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