Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Journey As A Scroll Saw Pattern Designer #1661: Preparing for "Hibernation"

It seems like it has been weeks since I have written, even though it has only been a couple of days. These past few days I have been in “elf mode” and even though I have been terribly busy, I can’t show much of what I am doing here yet. There are many surprises in the works.

Over the weekend, I worked in many directions. I had wanted to make a pot of soup, but I haven’t managed to do that yet.  Hopefully later on today.  

I spent Saturday cutting orders and Sunday Keith took me to Yarmouth to do some shopping and we went to dinner and a movie. We like having a ‘date night’ every once in a while just to get us out of here and have a little change of pace. The dinner was absolutely lovely, served at a wonderful local restaurant. They had a huge Christmas tree up in the center of the room and there were beautiful decorations all around. It really put us in the Christmas spirit. :)

The movie we saw was wonderful as well. We watched the next generation of Rocky movies (Creed) and we both enjoyed it very much. There is nothing like sitting in a theater with a huge screen to really 'experience’ a movie! Even though it is a bit expensive (it was $1 when I was a kid!) it is a wonderful treat and we try to go every so often when there is something we think we will like seeing.  I must say I thought that Creed would be a bit of a stretch, trying to extend the Rocky legacy, but it was a good story and well done. We both give it a 'thumbs up!’

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go with my Canadian sister and mom to the city for a day of shopping. We left the house just after seven in the morning and I didn’t get home until after ten. I was truly exhausted, but I can happily say that I think I finished getting just about all I will need not only for the holidays, but for the winter season as well. I keep mentioning that I am working on some new ventures, and with my car now in storage I try to stock up when I can get to the city on the supplies I will be needing in the months to come. It is no small task, but I think I am good to go now and can 'hibernate’ until the spring and accomplish a great deal. It is now I can relax and really accomplish some nice work. I am very pleased with that. 

So today it is back to the drawing board/paint brush/scroll saw and computer!

Here is a sneak peek to what I am working on today … 

It is a “Quick Paint” project for Toletown for December.  I should have it completed today and the pattern to Lorrie by tomorrow. It is fun and something new that I think everyone will love. :) 

I also have some packaging up to do. I have an exchange gift going out that I need to pack up today. I had wanted to get some 'extras’ to add into it yesterday and I found some wonderful little things! 

With that said, I will be back tomorrow. Hopefully I will have finished photos of my project and be working on some new things. I have TONS of new ideas and I think that you will like them! I am really excited!

As we enter into our last month of the year, I hope you all remember to take time to enjoy things. Rushing through everything is so stressful and kind of defeats the purpose of celebrating at all! 

Take care and have a wonderful day today! Happy December to you all! :D

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