Friday, February 26, 2016

A Ming-Inspired Cabinet (37)

Work continues on the lower portion of the cabinet carcase framing, an ‘ice cube tray’-like structure of interconnected horizontal and vertical dividers. Here are the 24 drawer runner supports, completely cut out save for a final chamfering:

Q-q-q-quartersawn baby!

The other end of the same supports are dovetailed:

Later on, checking the fit of one of the drawer runners to one of the main vertical support boards:

This is just what I wanted at this stage - a close 'light interference’ fit which can be eased very slightly later on.

The horizontals - the rails-  are pretty much complete, save for some more spear point miter trimming:

Another view:

The spear points are likely 1/16" (1.5mm) long at this point. Fitting spear point miter joints requires a certain carful circumspection in approach I have found. You can creep up on your lines, but woe be you if you go beyond those lines. It’s the sort of work suited to an Optivisor, put it that way.

Another view:

Test fitting the rear rails to the vertical dividers, the connections involve pairs of simple half lap joints:

A little closer look:

This joint is about halfway from the fully closed position, and seems to be going together without undue complaint.

A view from the other side shows the open mortise for the runner support piece’s tenon:

The other set:

I know from measuring that these joints for the rear rails will close right up, so no point smacking them all the way down with the mallet just yet.

The wider boards which serve as vertical dividers will need some further mortising yet, however they are getting there. The bottom of these boards will have multiple tenons, while the top end will feature a stepped arrangement of sliding dovetails.

All for today- have yourself the best possible weekend!

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