Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Journey As A Creative Designer - Woodworking and Beyond #1759: #1759 Bee Patient

Once again today I will keep my post rather brief. These days it seems that there is much to do and the clock is moving faster than ever. Having a larger place is wonderful, as we are able to spread our wings and do so much more, but it also requires a bit more maintenance. (Believe me though, I am not complaining!)

I think that part of it is getting used to our new home here. I am finally able to sleep a little better. For one reason or another, it seemed that even though I was really tired, my nights were a bit fitful. Either I was thinking of things to design, which is normal for me, or I was thinking of things to do around the house or how to organize or set up my studio. There are so many, many things to consider for me these days!

But little by little I am feeling more comfortable and more ‘at home’ here in our new house. While I still have many, many home projects here that I want to tackle, such as making more curtains, refinishing some cabinets, etc., I just need to put them on hold for a while and tell myself to “be patient”.  Everything will happen when it is supposed to happen and pushing things will only bring more anxiety. I need to take my own advice and “Let it Be." 

Speaking of "Bees” … 

I finally got some time to work on my new bee project yesterday. While I didn’t complete everything, I did complete one of the six small ornaments and I have a picture here to show you. I was really pleased with how it came out and I hope you like it as well.

I was going to create two separate patterns – one for the plaque and one for the smaller ornaments. But while I was  painting them, I was thinking it would be ridiculous to charge for two separate patterns when they are all basically the same colors and style. So I decided that they are all going to be included in one packet. 

Here is the ornament that I finished up:

It is just as I envisioned it, down to the little bee charm and the ants. :) 

This can be used as an ornament, magnet or even a plant poke for your indoor garden. They are bright and cheerful and painted with DecoArt colors and once I got going, they painted up fairly quickly. There will be six small ornaments with different sayings in the set as well as the larger plaque which has a bee-u-tiful saying itself. They are great for all year, I think and can be adapted to just about any surface. 

I am going to offer a nice combo pack which will include the pattern and everything that will be needed to make the entire set. (I KNOW you will want to make them ALL!)  I should have them up on the site this weekend. 

It feels really good to be back in working mode again. Even though I have been working every day, It feels even better to be able to create something that is positive and others like so much as well. So far, the response from my Facebook followers has been wonderfully encouraging. I am happy that they like what I am doing. 

Today, I will hopefully finish up the set and have more photos to show you all tomorrow of everything. So that will be all for now, and until then, I am asking you to “Bee Patient”. ;) 

(Sorry – I couldn’t help that one!) 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!  

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