Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Ming-Inspired Cabinet (73)

While working on the BCM tansu for the past few weeks, I have also been chipping away at the cabinet project I have been engaged upon for some months now. Been doing some finishing, some hardware patination, and a little construction here and there.

At this juncture, I’ve just fitted the middle panel to the top of the bonnet:

As the bonnet’s upper frame rails are curved, the panel initially is proud at both ends from the frame:

I sized the panel so as to be just at matching height with the frame in the mid-point area:

A while later, I had the second middle panel (as there are two cabinets under construction) similarly fitted to its frame:

Taking the panel down so as to match the frame rail curves was accomplished by hand plane, commencing with some cross-grain passes to remove most of the excess material:

Another shot of the same:

Eventually I had shaped the panel surface flush to the frame rail:

Then, after repeating the just shown cross-grain planing work on the other end of the panel, I commenced planing along the grain, down the hill each way from the apex:

That was a good workout, and it went smoothly and produced a clean surface without plane blade tracks. I think that’s the general idea with the tool. The plane completed the work with just the one sharpening to start, which was jolly decent of it. Genmyō is my friend.

Once the planing was done, I scuffed the middle panel with #320 paper in preparation for the finish application.

The smaller side panels had been previously fitted and shaped to the curved frame rail sections at each end:

Knocking things together, just to corral the parts so I could set the assembly aside for the time-being:

With the panels installed in the upper section, this first bonnet is largely complete now:

The three panels are not all cut from one board, as might be ideal, however the top surface of the bonnet is not a visible area of the cabinet, unless the viewer is 6'8" or taller. A minor aesthetic shortcoming I suppose, but of no consequence.

Another view:

I should have bonnet #2 to the same point after another day in the shop. Once the bonnets are done, my attention will turn to the last two construction tasks, namely the demountable frame and panel backs, and then the bifold doors.

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