Monday, October 3, 2016

My Journey As A Creative Designer - Woodworking and Beyond #1784: Settling In

It was a crazy/busy weekend. That means it went perfectly with my crazy/busy life of late. 

As usual, there is just so much I want to accomplish and only 24 meager hours per day to fit everything in. And for some reason – those hours seem to get shorter every year. I think it is some kind of trick … 

I am writing later than usual today because I have already been to the gym and back.  I am not usually one of those who boasts about my gym visits, but lately, whenever I can make it there I feel very ‘accomplished’. Keith has taken to go with his buddy later in the day, and I don’t like going at that time because I like putting it behind me as soon as I can so I can focus on other things. Besides – you all know that I am a 'morning person’ and I like to hit the ground running as soon as the sun comes up. (Maybe even a little bit before on a perfect day. )  I just kind of want to explain for those of you who read early and are used to having me post quite early. I may need to change things up for a while and get my 'outside stuff’ done first. Otherwise, I seem to never get it done. 

Since we moved here, things have been quite in an upheaval, as I probably mentioned too many times. That isn’t to say they are bad, but just “different”. Old routines are out the window as new ones are developing and responsibilities and commitments shift. That is  part of life. Our lives are all like a kaleidoscope in a sense. They are always moving and shifting and changing with every moment. We need to embrace these changes as exciting challenges that enrich our lives and make them fun and interesting. While looking back is nice and comforting, looking ahead and wondering what will come can be fun and exciting. It is for me, anyway. 

Still –  breaking the habit of posting my blog before 9am my time doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes I feel a bit of guilt. (I know – crazy, right?) I feel as if I should be doing more and getting up earlier and being more organized etc., etc… . But that is really not a good way to be and I need to allow myself a break. Things are NOT the same as they were. With a larger home comes more responsibility. Not to mention the initial organization and settling in. I don’t think that there should be a time limit on how long it takes to get settled. By definition, the phrase 'being settled’ is vague in itself. It means different things to different people and is something that is quite personal. To me, being settled means being comfortable, functional and productive. While I know I am getting there, I also know that there is still much to do and some  things may take months to complete. I need to give myself a break and look at each baby step of progress as good. It is the best way to approach it, I think. 

With that said, I will get to the point of today’s post – to show you what Keith and I have been up to this weekend. As always, we love to share what we do in hopes of getting your own creative juices flowing. We love to see that happen! 

On Saturday, I decided since most of my downstairs was finished to a point where I did, indeed feel 'settled’, I decided to haul out my Halloween decorations and set them up. I must say, I have quite a lot of fun things! From mostly my own creations to those given to me or purchased by me from my very talented and artistic friends. 

I laid everything out on the table to asses things and figure what would go where. (That is my 'event coordinator’ Pancakes in the back, helping as always!) 

Not only was the table filled, bit both sideboards as well …

I had a great time finding the right place for everything, and it really went up rather quickly. I was going to give the grand tour of where everything wound up, but I think I will do that throughout the week and show you the finished pictures in subsequent blogs. It will give you something to read about and see later on … (Yes- I can be MEAN!) 

I also worked on my '12 Days’ ornaments and completed “Day 8”. I am taking the final photos of them today and sending them off tomorrow. Only four more days to go! :D  

Finally, I spent the latter part of yesterday cutting orders and I will be sending them all out today. I had a busy order weekend and I am happy to say that I used both my reserves as well as had new things ordered. I got to spend yesterday afternoon in my wonderful shop cutting and creating some cute pieces for others to paint. It made me happy. 

Keith was busy as well, and he finished the design for one plaque (SLDK689 Haunted Halloween Plaque) and is working on another.

The pattern is now available on our site, and he is drawing another piece that you will also love that should be posted in the next few days. I am working on some new patterns for scrolling as well as for painting, but there isn’t enough to show you yet. I am sure I will have something in the next few days for you to see. 

So it is all good and busy. 

As we begin this first full week of October, I realize just how quickly this year is going by. Once again, I have several designs that I have in my head that haven’t yet come to be. Some are seasonal and will need to wait until 'next’ year to be created. But that really isn’t a bad thing. Perhaps I will be able to get a jump on things and really be ahead of things then.  I should be 'settled in’ by then. :)

One can hope … 

Have a wonderful Monday! 

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