Monday, November 2, 2015

My Journey As A Scroll Saw Pattern Designer #1646: November, It Is!

Yes – we are already into month 11 of the year.  How the heck did that happen? It seemed like yesterday that we were taking pictures of the nearly 4 feet of snow that had accumulated. Wow! How quickly this year has passed!

But as I was outside the other day, on an overcast autumn afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice the beauty. not only were the trees still half-filled with warm colored leaves, but the other plants and vegetation had also taken on deep, warm color. The air was calm and crisp (and ‘bugless’!) and it even smelled of fall. I couldn’t deny that it is truly my favorite time of the year. 

We changed our clocks back over the weekend, and while the earlier darkness never really bothered me, I realize that many people don’t like that. I never really thought of it much. It was just the way it was and like the rain or the snow or even the sunshine, I just take it as it comes and make the best of it. I don’t mind the darkness, as it gives me an excuse to illuminate my little 'all season tree’ a bit earlier each day. I always find it to make my place here a bit more inviting and cozy. So how can I complain about that? Perhaps that is why I cherish having the tree so much. It brings that warm and cozy feeling that I had as a child during the Christmas season to my life every day. I never tire of it and it is comforting and uplifting to me. It puts me in a good mood. 

It was a wonderful weekend on many levels. We celebrated Keith’s Halloween birthday both on Friday and on the actual day Saturday. On Friday I needed some wood and supplies so we headed to Yarmouth to pick them up and had a nice special dinner together to celebrate his day. We came home and watched “The Others” – a somewhat scary movie to get in the Halloween mood. 

On Saturday, we went to Keith’s mom’s for a wonderful day and dinner of rappie pie (a traditional Acadian dish) and apple pie for his birthday pie. I brought some painting to do there, as Keith’s mom and I always work on our crafts when we get together. It was a relaxing and fun day to be sure. 

On Friday, I had some wonderful patterns arrive in my mailbox. I had ordered some of Lynne Andrews’ new designs and was thrilled when I went to the postie and they were there. I have always been a fan of Lynne, but as usually, have had a hard time finding time to paint some of her designs. When I got these, I knew I just had to make time. 

I chose to begin on a pattern she called “Harvest Blessings Trio”.  (You can click on the name for the product link for the pattern)  I loved the colors and the beautiful autumn motif. I was going to cut the little ironing boards as she had done with the design and I got the idea to make some self-framing pumpkins instead. I thought that this way, the designs would look great in the center of a wreath, on a wall, or even on an easel. I kept the design part the same size to make things easy and the sizes for these came out just perfect! 

Here is as far as I got on Saturday:

Aren’t the colors amazing?? Lynne is such a fabulous designer! 

I spent yesterday cutting some orders that I had and then in the evening, I was able to get back to painting. (That extra hour sure came in handy!)  By the time I pooped out, I had nearly finished up the first of the three plaques:

You can see how it is in two pieces here. The center presses into the pumpkin frame, giving the design a little more dimension and depth. 

Here it is next to Lynne’s original photo:

I have a couple more surprises in store for this – some additional things to add – but it is pretty close to being done. A lot of people liked the pumpkin frame a lot so I am going to make a product on the site and offer the surfaces. I had planned on doing that anyway and creating some of my own designs on it as well. I like when my surfaces can be used for multiple projects. 

I have some other cool ideas as well, and I talked to Lynne about them yesterday. I plan to use another one of her fabulous patterns in a slightly different way and I think it will be really cool. 

I hope you enjoy seeing this and it shows you just how fun it is to think of other ways to use designs. I have people come to me frequently and ask if they can change up my designs to their own taste. Of course I don’t mine it, as I am happy that they are inspired by my work. That is part of what teaching is all about. 

For those of you who paint, you should check out Lynne’s site and patterns. You can do so here: Lynne Andrews Folk Art

I am sure you will see several patterns that you just have to have. She is wonderful!

Have a great Monday! Happy November to you all! 

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