Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Journey As A Scroll Saw Pattern Designer #1647: New Pumpkin Surface Available from Me

I was thrilled at the great response that I had yesterday to my Havest Blessing paintings by Lynne Andrews. It felt really good to paint something from someone that I had so much admiration and respect for and have others like it as well. What a fun and beautiful project this turned out to be!  (You can get the pattern HERE from Lynne’s site.) 

I had many, many inquiries regarding the pumpkin surface that I drew up for my painting. I worked as quickly as I could to finish up the paintings so that I could post the surface on our site. I think that people liked the surface so much because it not only looked great with this design, but it could easily be used with any autumn or Halloween themed design  and make a beautiful presentation. I certainly plan I designing my own patterns using this pumpkin surface in the near future. It can easily be used as a wall hanging, in a wreath or even displayed on a mantle or table using a small plate easel. Not only will you see new patterns from me using this pumpkin, but I have lots of ideas for similar types of surfaces with other seasonal themes. You just have to stay tuned. 

The pumpkin is a silhouette with an oval center that is cut on a bevel. This way it separates from the outer frame and can be pressed in, making it sink in the middle about 1/8" and giving the piece some more dimension and interest. 

Of course, when you are finished painting you can use some clear-drying wood glue to glue it in permanently. 

I was thrilled at how beautiful my painted pieces came out:

I just matched the colors of the pumpkin and stem to the pattern, and added a checked border around each oval. It really tied the design together with the surface. 

I am not done yet, though, as I want to add three leaves to each plaque and attach them using rusty wire:

I will show pictures of the finished pieces with the tendrils and leaves tomorrow. But for now, many are asking for the surface and I wanted to show all that was included.  

Each kit will include the 10" x 5.5" pumpkin with the bevel cut insert, three leaves, and I will also include a metal hanger. That way those who buy it can have that option. 

Those of you who are interested can purchase the wood kit here: SLDPK127 Pumpkin Frame Wood Kit (With Leaves) 

I am currently running and “Introductory Sale” on the kit because so many of you were interested. I try to keep my prices as low as I can. 

That will be all for today. I want to thank you very much for your positive comments and support. I will show a picture of the finished pumpkins (with the leaves attached) tomorrow. 

I wish you all a wonderful Tuesday! 

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