Monday, November 23, 2015

My Journey As A Scroll Saw Pattern Designer #1658: New Free Scroll Saw Pattern

I had a wonderful and crazy/busy weekend. It is always busy this time of year, and this year is no exception. I not only began working on some Christmas gifts, but I also have been working on some different aspects to expand our little business. I can’t wait to be able to share on that front, but since I am still figuring things out, I am going to wait. (I know! I can be downright MEAN! ;)  )

Yesterday Keith’s mom and I attended a penny sale for the cats that live on the nearby fishing wharf. I have spoken of this group before, and my neighbor Lee is very active in working with them. For many years now, he goes to feed and check on the cats every single day. There are others as well that provide food, shelter and medical care for these dear animals. Many of them are ferel, and many of them have been dumped there by cruel people. Sometimes they are able to be adopted out to homes, but others are not suitable for life with humans, and accept the care from a distance. 

I try to help them as much as I can. Keith and I frequently donate our prototypes to them for auction or penny sales such as we attended yesterday. It is a cause I enjoy helping with because I see all the good they do and the huge difference they make in so many little lives. They spend so much of their own time and money, and I am happy to try to give to them as much as I can afford. 

The sale was a huge success, and even though we live in a small community, they raised over $6,000 for their cause. This will help them get through the long cold winter that is right around the corner. They certainly were grateful.

As per tradition, I didn’t win a thing. <grin> Keith’s mom won a prize though and she was happy with that.  I think the best part of the afternoon was when the winner of the 50/50 prize draw won over $550.00 and immediately donated it back to the organization, saying the kitties needed the money more than she did. It truly warmed my heart and made me proud to live in such a wonderful, giving community. 

Speaking of giving …

Keith made a beautiful new plaque to post on our site for free:

With all the turmiol in the world and the upcoming holiday season quickly approaching, we both thought it would be an appropriate design to share with you. 

You can get it on our “Free Patterns and Resources” page of our site. 

We hope you like it. 

I am keeping this short today because there is lots to do. I have lots of mail to get ready to ship out and lots of other things I am working on as well. Tomorrow I am taking my car to Halifax for the winter storage and to get some additional work done on it, so I may or may not blog. If not, I will be back on Wednesday. 

Take care and have a wonderful and happy Monday. Do something fun and creative! 

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