Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Journey As A Scroll Saw Pattern Designer #1648: NOW I Can Call it Finished!

These last few days have been both busy and fun. I am so thrilled at all the positive responses that I had regarding my little pumpkin shaped plaques. Before I could even finish them, I had lots and lots of orders for the surfaces. Many people ordered just one or two, as they were planning to paint their own designs on them. It felt good to have something that was liked so much by so many. I am really pleased. 

Needless to say, I have been quite busy these past couple of days. I hadn’t even completed painting my own plaques, but I felt that I should spend the day yesterday cutting the orders. I try to get orders out the next day, but this was such an unexpected landslide that I didn’t have any in stock. So when I set up things yesterday and cut, I cut several extras. By the time I was finished at the end of the day, all the extras were sold as well as several additional. I think I will be cutting today as well. 

This is a good thing, as I love the variety of things that my business brings my way. I was so organized and have everything down to a science. I get lots done in a relatively short amount of time. Add to that, I had my cordless headphones on and some awesome music playing all day and I was truly in my “happy place”! 

The first wave of orders is all sanded and ready to ship out today. I feel like I accomplished a great deal. (And all of this was done BEFORE I even finished painting my own set!) 

After I finished the last bit of sanding, I set out to complete my own pieces. I am happy to say that I did so this morning and I even took the final presentation photos of the project.  Here they are all done:

While I loved the plaques before, I like them even better now. I added the leaves and rusty wire tendrils. They really add a wonderful ‘final touch’ to the design – don’t you think?

I LOVE the added dimension! That in addition to the beveled frame and how the center sits back a bit from the pumpkin really makes the project attractive and 'finished’.

I always like to add some dimensional pieces when I can. I think it makes the pieces come ALIVE and gives things a professional touch! 

I hope you all agree!  

You can purchase the pattern – Harvest Blessing Trio – at Lynne Andrew’s website. While you are at it, look at all of Lynne’s other patterns. They are really wonderful! 

You can purchase the pumpkin surface on my site here:  SLDPK127 Pumpkin Frame Wood Kit.  The kit includes the pumpkin frame with the bevel cut insert and three leaves. I think it is a fabulous surface for many autumn projects, as well as Halloween projects. There are so many wonderful possibilities with this piece! I know I will be using it for some of my own designs. 

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments and support.  I have to give Lynne Andrews the credit, as it was her beautiful designs that inspired me on this one. She is awesome!

We have a bit of fog here in Nova Scotia this morning. Yesterday was beautiful and warm and sunny. While it is rather overcast, it is still early and still a nice day. I hope you all have a good one!

Happy Thursday to you all! :) 

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